About Me

Who I am:  A work-at-home mother of four children (and by work I mean the unpaid kind).  I want to be a librarian when I grow up.

What I read:   My favorites genres are classics for all ages, dystopian fiction, young adult fiction and non-fiction, historical fiction, and non-fiction history, but I'll read just about anything with a cover and pages in between. Sometimes I don't even need a cover. For the record, I am an avid Harry Potter fan, and an ex-Twilight enthusiast.

Purposes of this blog:  Personal fulfillment, stretching my limits, avoidance of prescription anti-depressants.

Fatal flaws:  Inconsistency, questionable use of punctuation, difficulty being serious.

Ambiguous review policy:  I have a long list of books I hope to read, and a large amount of those are by authors whose remains lie six feet under.  I have, however, been sent a few review copies by living authors that I have enjoyed, so I hate to say that I never accept them.  If you want to give me a try, or if George Eliot or Edith Wharton come back to life and begin writing again, please contact me at saz@chainreader.com.