Thursday, June 30, 2011

Winner of Middlemarch

The winner of the cloth-bound edition of Middlemarch is 

Is it silly to be jealous of my own giveaway?  I think I may have to buy myself a copy too.

Thank you Judith for hosting the Blog Hop.  It was so much fun to visit and discover new blogs!

The winner was chosen through and has been notified by email.


  1. Congratulations to the winner. I am jealous. I think I am buying myself a copy too:)

  2. Hurrah! I'm try to get the full collection of these lovely editions. My birthday is coming up and I'm getting a couple more. It was destiny that I'd get this one :)

    Thanks Shelley!

  3. Hi Shelly,

    Thanks for following my blog. I'm a big reader so happy to follow you back and have friended you on Goodreads.

    moodMoody Writing

  4. Dammit, just realise I misspelled your name. Sorry.

  5. Book Quoter,
    Go for it! I'm sure you deserve it!

    Happy upcoming birthday! I hope you enjoy this and the others you pick out. I was at Barnes and Noble the other day and held some of them for the first time. I was practically drooling and my husband thought I was crazy!

    So glad you could visit! No worries about the name. It's usually spelled wrong and half the time people call me Sally for some reason. See you on Goodreads!

  6. Oh, I LOVE these cloth covered books. This one is particularly beautiful.

  7. Congrats, Alexandra and Happy Birthday! Ah, you are one lucky duck! :)