Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two by Jessica Day George (Ulysses Survival Reading #2-#3)

It's actually been a few weeks since I've read these, but right now I'm in the middle of Episode 15 of Ulysses, which involves prostitutes, a lucky potato, and a generous amount of nightmarish gibberish that I don't understand, all put together in the form of a play with a million characters.  It's time for an intermission.  Refreshments wouldn't hurt, either.

These two books allowed me to escape into a fantasy world much different than that of Stephen Dadelus or Leopold Bloom, thank goodness.  Jessica Day George is clearly first and foremost a storyteller.  From page one until the end, the story (in each book) is engaging, easy to read, and I was rooting for the good guys to win.  In both of these books, the "good guy" is a strong female lead who uses her wits to get the job done.  Not much time is spent on characterization or inner monologues (take that, Joyce!), which may sound like a weakness, but it contributes to the feel of sitting by a campfire riveted to a humorous and adventurous story that lets you escape into a different world.  Which is what I needed.

For more information on what these books are actually about, you can check out the information on the author's website.  I knew next to nothing about these stories before I picked them up, and I liked it that way. I will just let you know that one involves huge polar bears, trolls, and a nameless girl who can talk to animals, and the other includes dragons, a spoiled princess, and shoes that itch.  No lucky potatoes--hallelujah!

Sun, Moon, Ice and Snow
Published 2008
336 pages
Personal Enjoyment Factor:  3.5/5

Dragon Slippers
Published 2007
324 pages
Personal Enjoyment Factor:  4/5


  1. I haven't read much by Jessica Day George, but I loved Dragon Slippers! It was a well-told cute story that had roots in fairy tales but managed not to end up being too cliche.

  2. Only three more Ulysses chapters left! You can do it!

  3. I wonder if part of Ulysses is actually the journey of the reader, slogging through it! Glad you've made time for some fun stops along the way!

  4. Sometimes it's nice to just slip into a well-told story. I'm glad you found something to enjoy while taking a break from Ulysses.

    I'm still impressed that you've stuck with it. I'm sure you'll feel great when it's over--both because it'll be a great accomplishment and because you can pick up something new. Good luck with the last bit.

  5. Ulysses, what an accomplishment when you finish!

    Thanks so much for the anniversary wishes which I accidentally deleted instead of publish with my fat fingers:(
    Luckily, I still had it in my mailbox, so I just commented your comment myself. Just so you know.

  6. Glad to hear you're still chugging along with Ulysses! If I would have let myself escape, I probably never would have returned...