Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank you, Jeeves (Ulysses Survival Reading #1)

Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Originally Published: 1934
Length:  229 pages
Source: Library
Challenge(s): 1001+
Personal Enjoyment Factor: 4/5

About Bertie:
"Mr. Wooster, miss," he said, "is, perhaps mentally somewhat negligible, but he has a heart of gold."
About Jeeves:  
I must say I can't see why Jeeves shouldn't go down in legend and song.  Daniel did, on the strength of putting in half an hour or so in the lions' den and leaving the dumb chums in a condition of suavity and camaraderie; and if what Jeeves had just done wasn't entitled to rank well above a feat like that, I'm no judge of form.

One cannot be expected to read Ulysses exclusively, or else one might become mentally deranged.  Consequently,  I've picked up a few reading selections on the lighter side. It seemed a good time to discover the "comic genius" of Wodehouse.

Thank You, Jeeves fit the bill perfectly.  This is my first introduction in any format to Bertie Wooster, who has a knack for getting into sticky situations, and his valet, Jeeves, who inevitably shows up to save the day.  In this first full-length novel of the pair, Bertie's annoying banjolele playing has driven Jeeves into other employment, and Bertie must move into a cottage where he can develop his musical "talents" without the complaints of neighbors.  While there, Bertie encounters (and often creates) situations worthy of an I Love Lucy episode as he tries to bring two lovers together despite the obstacles.  And he wouldn't be able to pull it off without the help of the ever-resourceful Jeeves.

Did it make me laugh?  I found the first three-quarters of the book pleasantly, but mildly humorous.  During the last part, however, I had more than a few satisfying belly laughs, some involving one of my favorite foods--butter.  I immediately added Jeeves and Wooster to my Netflix queue, and I'm ready for more chuckles (and a break from Joyce's epic conundrum).  I would also love to go back and read the short stories that preceded this novel.  I have a feeling it's the kind of humor that builds as you go along.  I am left with only one question:  Where can I get my very own Jeeves?? I need, I need!


  1. I was introduced to Bertie and Jeeves a month ago in the form of Very good, Jeeves. Loved it. I'm very anxious to read more of their misadventures! I had no idea this pair was also on Netflix!!!

    I've been worried that if I take a break from Ulysses I'd never come back. I'm counting down the days until I can read something enjoyable again...

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Sounds like a great break from Ulysses! I've never read this, but maybe I should.

  3. I've listened to a few Bertie and Jeeves escapades...they really are great fun. And dare I say...SO much better than Ulysses! :-D

  4. A well-deserved break from Ulysses. I love the post title--perfect. I've never read a Jeeves book, but they sound like fun.

  5. I have not yet attempted Ulysses, but I enjoyed the audio of a Jeeves book! Sounds like a necessary break...

  6. Bertie and Jeeves neever fail to make me laugh. Even the formulaic nature of the books works for me, because I know what to expect and I'm never disappointed.