Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dingo by Charles de Lint

Author:  Charles de Lint  
Published:  2008
Length:  213 
Source:  Local library  
Challenge: Once Upon a Time IV
Charles de Lint's Website

Personal Enjoyment Factor:4/5

At long last I have finally entered the revered world of Charles de Lint. He is an author that I have heard raved about, and it has taken me far too long to find out for myself what all the fuss is about.  My pick was random--what was available at the library among a few others.  I'll admit the hair caught my eye.  And the lighthouse in the background.  It looked promising.

The story is told by Miguel, a senior in high school who meets the beautiful and captivating Lainey while working the counter at his dad's comic book shop.  Lainey, and her unusual looking dog, have just moved to Miguel's lakeside town from Australia, and Miguel feels an instant connection with her.  He senses she is in danger, and when he starts having vivid dreams that seem all-too-real that confirm his fears, he wants to help her.  Events are set in motion that will test Miguel's view of the world he lives in, as well as his notions of honor and friendship.  And of course he hopes to get the girl in the end.

I don't even think I have hit on de Lint's finest, but I am still impressed.  What a great storyteller!  The real world and the fantasy world are so subtly intertwined that disbelief is almost effortlessly suspended.   Miguel's character is so refreshing--he's funny, empathetic, and he loves and respects his father.  Throughout the story, he almost always tells his father what's going on and asks him for help.  I was so glad the de Lint did not at all rely on characters not "telling the whole story" to create tension.  It didn't need it, and sometimes I get tired of plots that depend on this tactic.  If there's a literary term for this, I'd love to know!

Overall story was uplifting and humorous, and lived up to my "cover expectations."  I'm ready for more de Lint.  Any suggestions?

Prude-ometer (highly subjective content assessment): Language, innuendo, reference to sexual situations but nothing explicit. None of it detracted from my enjoyment of the story, but it might be offensive to some.


  1. LOVE Charles de Lint. So glad you found him and put out the word.

  2. Thanks for the review. Your post introduced both the book and the author to me.
    P.S. Your "About Me" page cracks me up. SAHM. Writing to avoid anti-depressants... : )