Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pathetic, I know

This is kind of embarrassing since I did officially quit my blog, but I am signing up for a reading challenge.

It's just a quick fix, that's all.

It fits in with my other goals for 2010, so it's okay.

You see, when I return to school, I'm planning to major in history, and until I can actually get into a local university and finish my last two years, I'm going to take a history class from BYU Independent Study, read a lot of non-fiction history books (yes, this does excite me), and try actually paying attention to current events. (I ♥ NPR).

So those are [a fraction of] my goals for 2010, and then I stumbled upon this:

Details for the challenge here.

This will be a perfect companion to my other reading, and there are a lot of historical fiction selections I'm dying to get to.

It is taking all of my willpower to resist signing up for the "obsessed" option (20 books), but I'm going to practice some moderation and just go for "addicted" (12 books).

I'm not sure yet whether I will post reviews here or not. I'm mostly excited about getting some good ideas from other participants on what to read. I recently read Genghis: Birth of an Empire by Conn Iggulden after reading a post at Beth Fish Reads that highly recommended it and I loved it. I'm looking forward to the other two in the series.

I should go now--my youngest is getting ready for school without my supervision which is always risky. Instead of brushing her teeth, she might be "inventing" some new concoction in the bathroom sink.

FIVE MINUTES LATER...(Seriously, I'm not making this up. Do I know my daughter, or what?)

As I was going with my daughter out the door, she told my that she created a new recipe. . . for her hair. I asked her what was in the recipe, and she said it was a "secret recipe." I asked her to tell me in case I wanted to use it in my own hair. She told me that I probably wouldn't want to because sometimes it makes your head itch!! I still don't know what was in her recipe, but she told me she'd let me know after school. I can't wait!


  1. Well, now you HAVE to post later and tell us what secret recipe your daughter used in her hair!

  2. I love reading fiction and non-fiction history books! maybe you could post a blog occasionally on some interesting non-fiction books your reading.

  3. nice to hear from you, even briefly! Funny story about your daughter...And enjoy your history class! I love history!

  4. Call it pathetic if you want, but I personally love to hear from you any time. Good luck on this challenge.

  5. Call it pathetic if you want, but I personally am happy to hear from you whenever possible. Good luck with your goals and this challenge.

  6. FYI: The "secret" recipe for hair is pink fluoride rinse, Bath and Body Works body spray,and water. Should we patent it?

  7. I'm actually happy to see you post at all, Shelley. :)

  8. So glad you liked Genghis! Good luck with school and your goals, but I hope you at least post your progress with the HF challenge so we hear from you once in a while!

  9. I was thrilled to see that you had a new post! And your daughter's "secret recipe" makes me smile! :)

  10. I probably wouldn't want to put something in my hair that made me itchy! But if the results are good....

    I've signed up for way too many challenges this year, but this one looks like fun.