Friday, June 19, 2009

Spring Reading Thing Complete

Just in the nick of time I have finished the Spring Reading Thing hosted by Callapidder Days. Incidentally, we've had really cloudy weather for a couple of weeks, and now that summer is upon us, the sun has come out. I actually liked the gloomy weather, but what can I do?

Here's what I read for the challenge. I picked out some Newbery Award winners so I could make a dent in that list:

My favorites were A Single Shard and Ginger Pye.
Now I'm off to officially sign up for a summer challenge! The madness never ends!


  1. Congrats! I decided I shouldn't sign up for the summer challenge as much as I'd like to. Since school's starting for me in late August, I might just not have all the time I want to read. I mean, I could just list all the books I plan to read anyway through then to finish other challenges, but that feels a bit like cheating, you know? And I don't want to add extra books on top of those.

  2. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! Job well done.

  3. Thanks for all the congrats!

    This is the first time I've done seasonal type of challenges--pretty fun. I don't like to do cross-overs either. Not necessarily because it's cheating, but I hate to give up a chance to make a new kind of list of books! The tricky part is having time to read them all. Good luck with school!

  4. I don't mind crossovers in general - in fact, I really like being as efficient as possible, so I like picking books to meet more than one qualification - but to just say "I'm going to read X number of books" and then fill them with one's I'd already planned to read anyway seems a little cheap, you know?

  5. Amanda,
    That makes sense. There's a different style of challenge out there for everyone. I liked that chance to focus on some Newbery winners for the Newbery project during the spring, so it worked for me. For my summer challenge, I picked ones that would be the most fun for a road trip. But mostly I like the ones with a theme or a scavenger hunt quality.

  6. Great job, Shelley! Every time I'm in the kids' section of the bookstore, I look at Ginger Pye and think, "I need to read that one of these days." :) Maybe I need to put it on one of my challenge lists!

    Thanks for being part of Spring Reading Thing '09!