Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brit Lit Chick Flicks, etc.

From North and South based on Elizabeth Gaskell's novel of the same name--my very favorite!

I definitely have reviews to get to, but I thought I would share one of my obsessions--Brit Lit Chick Flicks. I have this on the sidebar of another blog to keep track of the ones I've seen, but I thought I would share it here as well. I've seen these over quite a few years, and not all are technically Brit Lit--some are period pieces of another time or place.
I have by the title in parenthesis the year it was made, since often there is more than one production of a particular title, and then my rating; and they should all have links to imdb:

The Remains of the Day (1993) 5/5
Howards End (1992) 4.5/5
Wuthering Heights (1992) 3.5/5
Mansfield Park (1999) 4/5
David Copperfield (1999) 5/5
Pride and Prejudice (2005) 5/5
Pride and Prejudice (1995) 5/5
Sense and Sensibility (1995) 5/5
Jane Eyre (2006) 4/5
Jane Eyre (1996) 4.5/5
Jane Eyre (1997) 3/5
Persuasion (1995) 3/5
Oliver Twist (2005) 4/5
Tess (1980) 3/5
Return of the Native (1994) 3/5
The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) 5/5
Ivanhoe (1997) 4/5
The Woodlanders (1997) 4.5/5
Tristan and Isolde (2006) 4/5
The American (1998) 4/5

Daniel Deronda (2002) 5/5
North and South (2004) 5/5
Middlemarch (1994) 5/5
Falling for a Dancer (1998) 4.5/5
Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen (2005) 4/5
Vanity Fair (1998) 4.5/5
Henry VIII(2003) 4/5
Napoleon (2002) 4/5
Wives and Daughters (1999) 4.5/5
Emma (1996, Gwyneth) 4.5/5
Emma (1996, Kate) 4/5
The Way We Live Now (2001) 4.5/5
The Forsyte Saga (2002) 4.5/5
The Great Gatsby (2000) 3/5
Great Expectations (1998) 3/5
Under the Greenwood Tree (2006) 4/5
The Mayor of Casterbridge (2001) 4/5
The Painted Veil (2006) 5/5
The House of Mirth (2000) 4/5
Dr. Zhivago (2002) 3.5/5
Bleak House (2005) 5/5
Victoria and Albert (2001) 3/5
Becoming Jane (2007) 5/5
Amazing Grace (2006) 4/5
Aristocrats (1999) 2/5
Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007) 4/5
The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) 4/5
Nicholas Nickleby (2002) 4/5
Northanger Abbey (2007) 3/5

Does anyone else have this same obsession? Which are your favorite Brit Lit Chick Flicks/period pieces? I'm always looking for good ones.


  1. I can't think of anything to add right now, but you have listed some of my favorite movies here -- so I guess I must have the same obsession!

  2. I haven't seen most of those. I tend to dislike movies of books, though -- if I like the book, I feel they never get it "right." But I'm just not a movie person. I prefer a book any day.

  3. Are you watching Dicken's Little Dorrit right now on PBS? It's excellent!! Definitely in league with Bleak House and Our Mutual Friend. Good stuff.

  4. Bleak House is my big favourite from the last few years but I would also recommend Little Dorrit as the previous commenter suggested. It was wonderful. Can I also recommend Lost In Austen... a sort of time travel Pride and Prejudice. HUGE fun.

  5. And I completely forgot Cranford! How could I? It was superb.

  6. Beth,
    So glad I'm not alone!

    I find that movies based on books have gotten much better in recent years. But, if I had to choose between the two, I would definitely pick up the book.

    Lula O,
    I'm such an idiot when it comes to shows that are actually on--I can't even remember to DVR things. I will have to look and see if they have this on Netflix yet.

    Isn't Bleak House excellent? I'm going to read the book soon. I have never even heard of Lost In Austen--I'll have to check it out. And I'm planning to watch Cranford after I read the book. It's on one of my challenges this year.

  7. You are awesome Shelly! I love your list, have seem most of them and agree with most of your ratings. I could go on forever with all the things that popped into my head while going over your list, but I'll refrain myself.

  8. You are not alone. My husband is just as obsessed with them as I am. We are especially fond of the Dickens adaptations. The characters are hilarious. Here are just a few more from my shelves that weren't on your list:
    -The Mill on the Floss
    -Adam Bede
    -Silas Marner

    I think BBC has been making some fantastic movies lately. I haven't been watching Little Dorrit (no TV) but I expect we'll buy it very soon.

  9. I just added your blog. I'm a hugr fan of period drama as well! Wives and Daughters is my favorie! and all things Jane Austen!!