Friday, March 27, 2009


Author: Cornelia Funke
Published in U.S. (The Chicken House) : 2008
Length: 656 pages
Personal Enjoyment Rating: 4/5
Amazon Rating: 4.5/5 (61 Customer Reviews)
Goodreads: 1,609 ratings, 4.35 average rating, 546 reviews

Since this is the third of a series, I'll try to be pretty general. I think the most important thing for readers to know before they delve into Inkworld is that this series is not at all like Harry Potter. Don't let the fantasy label and the lengthy tomes deceive you into thinking that you will experience the twists and adrenaline of the wizarding world. This is a different experience entirely. Different, but good.
The atmosphere that Funke creates is captivating. The characters, while not particularly deep, are interesting and likeable. Inkdeath is very much like the first two, with a little more of an emphasis on the conflict between the fate dictated by the written words and the free will of the characters. Dustfinger is the main ingredient that spices up the story a bit; it just wouldn't be the same without him.
My main complaint is the length of the books. I think they could be shorter. Inkdeath seemed to go on and on. At the same time, I'm glad that kids and teens can pick up a book and not reject it because it's more than 500 pages. That way they won't be traumatized when they have to read War and Peace someday. (I can dream, can't I?)

Chapter summaries here.

Prude-ometer (subjective content assessment): There's a lot of killing in this one, but they don't dwell on the gore of it.


  1. I love your logic about enjoying reading long books like this leading to a willingness to read a book like War and Peace. I think it could work. :-)

    I have only read the first book in the series and am still trying to decide if I want to read the rest of the trilogy. I liked Inkheart okay, but wasn't overly impressed by it.

  2. Unfortunately, I picked up Inkdeath - twice - and just couldn't finish it. It is very verbose, and I agree that it could be cut down. I did love Inkheart, though!

  3. This looks like a neat series to get into. I'm always looking for more fantasy stories to get into.

  4. I completely agree with your take on this book. "Different but good." I liked it, especially since it wrapped up the trilogy, but let us know that the story was on-going; I like that sense of conclusion and continuation all wrapped up together. Oh! And I was so glad Dustfinger came back for this story.