Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

Confessions of a Shopaholic
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Published in US : 2001
Length: 312 pages
Personal Enjoyment Rating: 4.5/5
Amazon Rating: 4.5/5 (894 Customer Reviews)
Goodreads: 21,204 ratings, 3.69 average rating

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
Originally published : 2002 (?)
Length: 352 pages
Personal Enjoyment Rating: 3/5
Amazon Rating: 4.5/5 (331 Customer Reviews)
Goodreads: 12,462 ratings, 3.80 average rating

I have been holding off my review of these books in hopes of seeing the movie first, but I have finally accepted that that's not going to happen. I'll enjoy it on DVD when it comes out, but until then . . .
I grabbed Confessions of a Shopaholic on a whim one day at the library. I haven't read a lot of Chick Lit, and had heard some positive buzz about this series. I was thoroughly entertained and laughed so much while reading this. I even read parts out loud to my husband (who is something of a Money Nazi.) In a nutshell, it's about a young working woman whose debt has spiraled out of control, and she comes up with zany ways to get a handle on it. I'm not a shopaholic at all, but I am an eataholic (not a word, is it?), so I could relate to the rationalizations and failures she experiences. The only thing I couldn't handle was her compulsive lying. That caused me so much stress because I hate dishonesty. I'm a horrible liar myself, so I rarely even try, and I hate being lied to, especially stupid pointless lies, like the ones Becky Bloomwood tells.
I picked up Shopaholic Takes Manhattan when I knew I needed another light page turner when life got a little hectic. Still a shopper at heart, albeit with a little more self-control, Becky heads to New York with boyfriend Luke with plans to possibly relocate there. This one adds a little bit of mystery and intrigue along with the expected humor. I didn't like it nearly as much as the first one though, and I'm not sure if I'll read any more. I am anxiously awaiting the DVD release of the movie, but I can't tell from the previews how well it follows the original story.

For those who have seen the movie, is it any good? Does it stray from the story much? I like to be prepared before I see a movie based on a book.


  1. Oh, it's almost completely different. I already had this typed up for something else, and it's kind of spoils the movie, but these are the differences that really stood out to me.

    1.Rebecca is British in the novels, but American in movie.

    2.Rebecca goes by Becky in the novels.

    3.Luke was never Becky’s editor at Successful Savings. In fact, they actually met at a press conference where he was represented a company - he had already started Brandon Communications - and Becky was there just for the free food and to get the press pack, which she planned on copy and pasting.

    4.Luke does give her the money to buy the scarf, but the scarf is blue not green.

    5.Becky dubs herself “The Girl in the Denny and George Scarf,” not “The Girl in the Green Scarf.”

    6.She also never writes a financial column under this pen name.

    7.Becky never takes Luke shopping; he takes her. And they go luggage shopping for his girlfriend, Sasha.The two also never go to Miami together.

    8.Suzie’s boyfriend Tarquin dates Becky in the first novel, and only begins dating Suzie in the second. The two are also second cousins or something mildly yucky like that.

    9. Becky never goes to Shopaholics Anonymous meetings.

    10. Derek Smeath does not stalk Becky in order to get her to pay her bills. He sends her some pretty funny letters, though.

  2. Jacket and Covers,
    Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed to know. The previews were not making sense to me. I hope it doesn't bother me too much when I watch it. That whole thing with the second cousins weirded me out a little too!

  3. I haven't seen it, but I heard that it was totally different. J&C (above) did a great job explaining the differences - thanks! I do not plan on seeing it, but I will continue with the series. It's probably the only silly chick-lit that hits me as enjoyable and funny. I think there was only one that I didn't care for so much.

  4. I watched the movie but have never read the book. I'm not really into chick-lit movies but everybody I went LOVED the movie. I might read the book eventually.

  5. I read the first book years ago when it was first published. I think I enjoyed it. But it has been so long that my memory is hazy. I've thought about reading more in the series but just never have.
    Have not seen the movie but I am sure I'll pick it up when it comes out on DVD.