Monday, February 16, 2009

"Life Beyond Books" Personal Challenge: One task finished!

I finally finished editing video from our road trip in July of 2007! Yay! I can check one off of my challenge list. Here's the opening segment for the DVD to watch--if it's not too boring to watch someone else's vacation clips :-).

Places in the video:
Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, 1880 Train (SD), Storybook Land (SD), Custer State Park, Carhenge (NB), Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park (CO), Pike's Peak (CO), Garden of the Gods (CO), Sand Dunes Nat'l Park (CO), Mesa Verde Nat'l Park (CO), Durango and Silverton Railroad Museum (CO), Grand Canyon (AZ)>


  1. Not boring at all! That was really cute, and it looked like a great vacation. I can't wait until my kids are old enough for stuff like this. :D

  2. What a great video! and congrats on finishing a "real life" goal

  3. That's so fun. I grew up in the San Luis Valley in Colorado where the Sand Dunes are. I spent many school field trips there. That area will always be home to me. It's fun for me to know that you've been there.

  4. How fun! Would love to go to all those places. My husband and I really want to get and RV and just drive all over the country.