Saturday, February 14, 2009

Letter Meme: H

Lisa from Books on the Brain gave me "H" for the letter meme that's going around. I had to really think about this for a few days and watch out for "H" things that I like/love. I still think I may be missing something that I really love, but here's what I've got now:

Hawaiian Chicken Curry - I was going to put down this recipe that I got from my MIL, but then I remembered that I lost the recipe, so I usually just guess the amounts of the ingredients and hope it turns out right when I make it. It's a creamy chicken sauce that you put over rice and can top with bacon, nuts, coconut, green onions, etc.

Hiking - I don't get to hike as much as I would like, and I'm not in good enough shape to do some of the hikes I would like, but I do love hiking. When we go on road trips, it's all about the national parks for me and doing two or three hikes (I've had to bribe the kids with candy bars before).

Human by the Killers - Love, love, love this song:

Haagen Daaz German Chocolate Cake Ice cream - This is a "limited edition" flavor that I can never find, which only serves to increase my cravings for it!!

Harry Potter - I know I'm in good company.

Hand lotion - I'm compulsive about it, along with lip stuff.

Homemade Hot Dog Buns - I'm picky about buns, and the ones I like from the store are over three dollars a package. So I just decided to start making my own. I've tried different recipes, and I like this one that I found at the best: Burger or Hot Dog Buns

History Pockets - This is a series of books that I used to do with my kids. You make a book out of folded construction paper that makes pockets, and you photocopy the pages in the books to make maps, puppets, timelines, etc. They've got U.S. and World History titles.

Hair clips - I hate having my hair down, but I can't cut it short because it's curly and I would just have a fro. So I live the big octopus hair clips to twist my hair up in.

Hearing my daughter playing piano - I love to sit and read in the living room while she plays.


  1. I looove hiking too. I'm not in good shape either so I stick to the easy trails, but I just love it.

    Oooh, Haagen Daaz...and Harry Potter! Very nice list :)

  2. I love hiking too!

    Chicken curry sounds yummy!! HP = duh!

    I though I was the only one who made her own hamburger and hot dog buns! I buy them sometimes but not often.

    Good answers!

  3. I love Harry Potter! This is a great list and H seems like it would be a hard letter :)

  4. What a great list. I love hair things too - my hair wouldn't quite fro, but sure turns into a curly mess when left to its own devises! The chicken curry sounds pretty good too.