Thursday, December 11, 2008

Life Beyond Books Personal Challenge

I love reading, and I've read so much more this year than ever. While writing sometimes makes my brain feel like it will internally combust, it is very satisfying to get my thoughts down in print and read other bloggers' opinions.

My problem is that I keep a list on the refrigerator of all the projects I need to work on, but I have not crossed anything off that list for a year! When it comes down to it, if I have extra time on my hands I choose reading over most anything else. But a lot of these are projects that are so close to being done, or ones that I have already invested money into, so I really need to get them done. So I thought if I made myself a challenge to complete them all and record it on my blog, then maybe there's some hope of crossing them off. Here are the non-reading things I want to accomplish by July 2009, and maybe when I complete them I'll tell about it:

  • Vacation scrapbook for road trip of Summer 2007 (probably 85% done)
  • Edit vacation video for road trip (75% done)
  • Porch bench with interchangeable pieces for different times of year (patterns cost me $40 and I've cut most of the wood for the bench. Need to put it together and paint at least two of the seasonal parts)
  • Make video of Fathers and Sons camping trips over the years (haven't started--would like to finish by Father's Day)
  • Scan pre-digital camera photos to computer (haven't started--waiting for cool, new scanner!)
  • Make a quilt for my youngest (she's the only one I've never made a blanket for, and I feel kind of bad)
So that's the plan. I'm going to put this list in the upper corner of my blog so that I see it all the time. Wish me luck!


  1. Very admirable! Good luck!!

  2. Sounds like some good projects. Good luck!

  3. I love homemade quilts. Are you going to share photos when you're done? I'd like to see the bench, too, it sounds lovely.

  4. Good luck! I scanned all of my family's (from when my parents got married on) pictures this summer - you'll definately want a fast scanner, but it was actually quite enjoyable.

    PS I love your banner.

  5. Looks like you're going challenge crazy right now but I think this one is my favorite. Sounds like fun. And just maybe some of your challenge books can be found on audio and then you could still "read" while you work on these projects. Good luck.

  6. Fun projects! I have some artsy craftsy stuff I would like to do in 2009, too. But I keep signing up for book challenges. and I blog way too much!