Friday, November 28, 2008

Ten Signs That You Are a Book Blogger

Yesterday marks my one year blogoversary, and here are some thoughts about my experiences this year:

Ten Signs That You Are a Book Blogger:

1. For trips to the library, you've graduated from an extra-large book bag to a rolling cart.

2. You've entered your "To Be Read" stack into the
Guinness Book of World Records.

3. On a trip to the park with your kids, you've stuffed a large bag with two possible reading choices, one book you've read and need to review, one notebook for notes and reviews, and one read-aloud book in case your daughter gets bored because she's the only girl, BUT. . . you forgot your purse. (True story)

4. You go to the library more times than you shave your legs.

5. You have found creative ways to get your slaves children to do more housework so you have more time to read.

6. Pumping yourself with caffeine and sugar in order to stay up for 24 hours to read does not at all sound strange to you. (Thanks to Dewey, who will be missed immeasurably.)

7. It takes longer to go through your Google Reader than it does to read War and Peace.

8. You actually get excited about jury duty/doctor's appointments/dentist's appointments--more reading opportunities!

9. You have a color-coded spreadsheet mapping out all of the reading challenges you SWORE you were not going to join.

10. Television? What's that? (Are there any other shows than The Office?) Okay, so maybe this one is just me.

Any other ideas to add to the list?


  1. Great list!! And happy anniversary.

  2. So, so true! It's good that we can laugh at our idiosyncrasies. Happy blogoversary.

  3. Love the list! Congratulations on the anniversary! (I see you're reading The Iliad. I thought it was amazing!)


  4. great list! i'm going to think about this and see what i might put on such a list for myself!

  5. That's a funny list. And happy anniversary.

  6. Ha ha, what a great list! We watch the Office, too. It always makes us laugh like crazy.

  7. Happy anniversary!!! I love your list. Especially about the google reader :)

  8. Congrats on your 1 year-versary. The list was great!

  9. This was great! I couldn't choose which one was my favorite: 1,4, or 9. Totally agree and congratulations on one year of blogging.

  10. lol, I love the list. 10 is true for me too, except it's Scrubs instead of The Office. And happy blogiversary!

  11. Happy BlogAnniversary! I just turned one recently too (October). I love your list - we watch The Office also - and Dr Who. I envy you doing the 100 + challenge, I'm thinking about it for 2009 - now that I know I can read over 60 books, it is a little more realistic! and yes, challenges I've promised i wouldn't do are edging their way into my mind again...i love them so! I like the staying up for 24 hours one!!! And the Google reader one too!! great list, and I'm so glad we've finally met here!
    Is there any cake left from blogbaby? :-D

  12. LOL These are great and oh so true! Happy Blogoversary!

  13. I never watch TV! number 10 resonates with me (as well as number 7 post Thanksgiving holiday!)

  14. Thanks everybody for your comments and blogoversary wishes! It's so wonderful to know that there are others out there besides me who engage in "extreme reading!" Fun, fun, fun!

  15. Happy Belated-Blogiversary!

    "You actually get excited about jury duty/doctor's appointments/dentist's appointments--more reading opportunities!"

    I love this - it's so true!

  16. Everything on your list is true for me, too, except the part about TV. I do like TV. My husband likes to watch it on DVD. I like to watch my few favorite shows when they air, that way I can read during the commercials. :)

  17. So funny! Great list, and very true.

  18. This post is making its way around twitter. :-)Very Clever.

  19. J.S.,
    My daughter just had a dentist appt. a couple of days ago and I forgot to bring a book!! I was freaking out! My daughter (a teenager) just rolled her eyes at me.

    I'm a DVD person, like your husband. I'm just not with it enough to remember when my favorite shows are on. Last night I totally forgot it was Office night! But we have it recorded, thank goodness.

    Bermuda Onion and Ms. Bookish,
    I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    I've heard of twitter but I don't really know what it is. I guess I need to get out of the stone age!

  20. I always forget to eat or cook, so that the family starve to death~~~(I am the only cook in my house..)

    And I like taking bus, train, cause I can spend time on reading.I won't feel lonely and boring because of reading.

  21. So funny! Great list, and very true.