Friday, October 3, 2008

A New Challenge

Despite my decision to not join any more challenges (how many times have you heard that one?), I decided to sign up for the Really Old Classics Challenge hosted by Rebecca Reads. The challenge is to pick any number of pre-1600 classics to read in the next 10 months. I have decided to do four, but I haven't picked which ones--I'll probably just choose as I go. Why old classics? For me, I feel like reading stuff from ages and ages ago is like going into a mental time machine, and getting to take a look into peoples' minds--how they thought, what was important to them, what they were entertained by, etc. Interesting stuff--if I can understand it. I read The Odyssey a few years ago and it was tough, but I learned a lot about the Greek civilization and their values--like how important hospitality was to them.
So, which me luck. I know I haven't even been posting lately, but I think I'm ready to devote a little more time to my blog again.


  1. Ironically, I said the same thing, and then I found myself deciding to host a challenge! Go figure. Thanks for joining!

  2. Good luck. I'd like to hear about those old classics when you're done. I haven't read a pre-1600's book in a long time.

  3. I have swore that I will NOT participate in any more challenges but this one is tempting. I think the old,old classics feel like mental aerobics and my brain could use that right now.