Friday, October 24, 2008


Author: Anna Quindlen
Narrator: Joan Allen
Published by: Random House Audio (Sept. 2002)
Length: 7 hours, 45 minutes
My rating: 3/5

Although I must admit that this is a somewhat forgettable story, I felt that it was well-written and heart-warming. The narrator, Joan Allen was perfect, and it was very easy to listen to. I also must admit that the reason I picked this one was for the valuable "Q" of Quindlen which helped me fill a requirement for the A to Z Reading Challenge. Otherwise it's not really one that would draw my attention.

The story begins as a young couple leaves a newborn baby at the Blessings estate, where Lydia Blessing, an 80-year-old miserly recluse lives. Skip Cuddy, the handyman that lives over the garage, discovers the infant first, and secretly takes on the role as the infant's father, learning through trial and error the ins and outs of baby care. Lydia soon discovers the Skip's secret and becomes a partner in trying to provide the baby with a secure future.

As the story unfolds, we learn about Lydia's past and why she lives such a solitary life, and we get insight into why Skip, and ex-con would even consider taking on the responsibility of a baby. I found this premise of the story slightly unbelievable, but that may just be from the limits of my own experience.

On a personal level, this book reminded me of how challenging yet rewarding taking care of an infant can be. Likewise, I think a main theme of this book is that fulfilling relationships take work, they don't just happen, and we never know how short or long of a time we will have to enjoy them.

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