Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Fill-ins

1. Dodge ball is so exciting!
2. Strawberry fields make me think of the book Snow Falling on Cedars. (If that's the right one I'm thinking of???)
3. The food I'm reading about in Like Water For Chocolate sounds like it would taste delicious! (Except for the ox-tail stew)
4. Why does checking things off a list make me feel so good?!
5. Stonehenge is something I've always wanted to see.
6. It's sad when I can't think of anything that's sad right now, and I know there's a lot of sad things to think of.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to not having any plans, tomorrow my plans include working on the house and Sunday, I want to go to church and have my family over for Easter!

Last week my weekend included redoing our pantry, and here are before and after pictures. I'm so happy about it--maybe that's why I couldn't think of anything sad!


  1. Like Water for Chocolate is one of my most favorite movies, especially now that I have studied several years of spanish. If the book is as good or better, I can just imagine how delicious everything sounds. And, uh, I've had oxtail stew and am quite fond of it. But then again I eat pickled pigs feet and tongue. So don't go by me!

    Oh, and your pantry looks AWESOME!! I'm jealous!

  2. The pantry looks great! I am curious how deep and wide your pantry is. I would love to do something like this but my pantry is pretty small so I am not sure if it would work.

  3. I am so jealous of your pantry. That would make me happy too.

  4. your answers are terrific & your pantry is fabulous! congratulations on a job really well done. :)

  5. Jeanette,
    Our pantry is 3 x 3 feet. The shelves are cut from 3/4 inch plywood, with the back a foot deep and the sides about 8 inches deep. We were trying to take advantage of as much space as possible without anything being to deep.

  6. Love your answers and Stonehenge is awesome up close! You can't get right next to it but pretty darn close.

  7. I went to Stonehenge as a child many years ago I understand they now have it fenced off - but when I went you could touch the stones.

    love your pantry - is on my wish list

  8. Oh, I always wanted to go to Stonehenge, too!

    LOL re: your comment on the Friday Fill-Ins...I've never timed how long it takes me to reply to everyone, but it does seem like a long time! I like to check out everyone's answers, tho :-)

    Thanks for playing :-)